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What We Do

Professional Training

The SILC team has years of experience training professionals (Lawyers, Counsels, Prosecutors, Judges, Law enforcement, etc.) in International Law, International Criminal Law, Human Rights and international investigations, both at the international and domestic levels.

Professional training
International litigation

International (criminal) litigation

Our selected team is composed of trial lawyers and Counsels expert in international litigation in high-profile international cases, before domestic and international courts, including the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the International Criminal Court (ICC). The experts are also qualified to provides professional consultancy and strategic advice in these matters, including on responses to situations of crisis and anticipation of future litigation needs.

Advocacy Training

SILC designs and provides training programmes to develop and improve specific advocacy skills both inside and outside the courtroom, including witness interviews, report drafting and evidence review.

Advocacy training

Human Rights Advocacy

Human Rights Advocacy

Our dedicated team provides expertise in building comprehensive cases on behalf of victims of mass crimes and gross human rights violations and implement strategic litigation before domestic and international criminal tribunals, reparations mechanisms and the European Court of Human Rights.

Capacity Building

With years of experience, our consultants provide their expertise to Governments and International Organisations to evaluate and promote capacity-building efforts in the legal, justice and security sectors worldwide. This includes: setting up transitional justice mechanisms, hybrid tribunals, drafting of national legislation on international crimes.

Capacity building
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